note to self

Don’t commit to posting on specific dates – this is setting self up for online failure.


on a non-specific February night…

I’ve been thinking about this blog for months (and months) and for some reason bit the bullet and started it this evening – now early Wednesday morning – 13 February 0026 GMT, the day between Valentine’s Day 2013 and the 50th anniversary of Sylvia Plath’s death but otherwise a date without any specific meaning or resonance with the ‘new leaf’ metaphor at all, that happens to be less than three months before I turn thirty[1].

Have already spent a significant amount of time fiddling with the dashboard and staring slack-jawed at the screen trying to set the damn thing up – so now flustered and ready for bed. But nothing on tomorrow so will try to explain overriding reasons for starting it etc. when I wake up.

[1] N.B. this countdown process feels like something in between popping open cute little chocolate-filled advent calendar boxes in the lead-up to Christmas, and being on death row scratching lines into the wall.