Another sadistic cold spell has been cast over the UK. For the morning and most of the afternoon I stayed inside, scrunched up on the couch, glancing at intervals out the window as obstinate, bloated snowflakes spat themselves down onto the dry pavements, and ruminated on the beginning of a symbolic thirty-day countdown to my thirtieth birthday – the impeding new leaf.

In the weeks since my ill-fated maiden post I’ve started working as a locum doctor in an over-strained A+E department on the outer edges of London, after two years away from clinical work.

This administrative and psychological feat has resulted in lots of hours spent trapped on a tube, train or bus as part of the numbing commute out to hospital and back over the wintry Thames.

In these moments and on days off and while hiding in the staff toilet, I’ve managed to squeeze out some notes on why I want to start a blog, what it represents and what I intend/hope it to be, despite a low-grade but self-defeating background anxiety about blogging, or not blogging (i.e. another feat).